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MCJ Uwharrie Chrstmas Crawl 2013 PICS

Well, I had an awesome time at Big Creek Friday and then Uwharrie Saturday, the weather turned out to be pretty dang good for most of the weekend with just a bit of rain Saturday mid afternoon. We didnt have a whole lot of carnage, one broken driveshaft on Spencers white TJ, and Sam Cut a tire. I dont think there was anything else.

I only took a few pics but I dont have the cord to the camera I used. Post up some pics if you got them. We will have the disc from the trail guide tonight at the meeting to show pics there.
Well I had a great time. Great folks to wheel with and the best trip I've had in awhile.

Mark eating tree
Calli about to climb
Random pile
Broken driveshaft jeep removal
It was a great trip I had a blast just wish the alternator in the Yota would have kept working so I could have tried those wet hill climbs. Had a blast in the jeep with Jimbo that traction control and his right foot just straight out work.
I'd love to see some stuff of Big Creek. I know Scott from working with him and the work weekends. Been wanting to try and check it out. Maybe I'll get to soon.