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MCJ @ The Flats Offroad Park Spring 2015 Discussion

We have the option to reserve The Flats this spring as a club. It would be similar in price to a trip to Gulches. With OSCAR at the end of April/ beginning of May, when should we head up to the Flats?
We will be meeting at Bill & Frans @ 7:00AM Saturday morning. There may be a group leaving at 7:00 from bill and frans, others will be eating breakfast and leaving at 8:00am.

The fees for the Trip will be $15 per vehicle + $10 per person for the Saturday and Camping Sat night.
Hate i missed this trip. But with two sick girls at the house to take care of I didnt have a choice. What sucks is I had already switched my tires over when I decided I needed to stay back. So I did an 8 tire rotation this weekend on the TJ....