MCJ Christmas Trip 2014 Recap

What an awesome trip! We had a great turnout and awesome weather for our Christmas Trail Ride. I was spotting and running around and didnt manage to get many pics. I had Braxton take a few on my camera so those are a few I did get.

Friday we ran some new trails at Big Creek and Saturday we had some of our group run almost every trail in the forest. We had rigs from a stock YJ to a TJ on 37s and everything in between and I think everyone had a great time!

Post up your pics and videos from the trip here!






Here's my video from Friday at Big Creek, atleast from the first half of the day. I think I need a couple more batteries for my Gopro. I got video for a few people going up the ledge at daniel that I'll be posting too.

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Glad you all are enjoying the pics. Hopefully everyone can see them.

Art -When i click the picture of your jeep, I see a more and under that I have a download photo option. Do you see that?