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Local beadlock company

They are out of Gaffney, SC. The Rims themself are made in York, SC.
They are pretty sweet looking and have an interesting lock mechanism..

The founder is a Retired SC State Trooper who had a podium finish at Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge. Im going to try and contact them and tell them about offroadsc and get them on here and adding to the tech and stuff.


OFF ROAD artical

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He's a good guy. I sold him his jeep. He was the guy who did ttc years back in the green zebra print scrambler. I need to invite him to Harlan. Can't remember if I mentioned it to him last time we talked.

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Oh and he knows about offroadsc. He just doesn't do Internet stuff. He ha a guy who was a writer for offroad mag doin his promo work

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Talked to Kevin this weekend and he said he wouldn't be able to tag along to Harlan. His second batch of wheels is due to ship out that week so he will be processing orders. Glad to see his idea come to life. He's a super nice guy.

If he ever makes a 8" wheel I will probably have a set on my TJ, you know...when I get ahead in life.
Just spoke with Kevin again. They have a new finish offered and I told him i'd post up some pics. Sounds like business is moving along well for them. They sold all of their first order of wheels. Can't remember that number but it was a pile of them... I'd look to see these in the Magazines for sale soon being carried by the big names.

They are produced in the same plant as a Trail-Ready wheel. And DOT compliant.

Now for some wheel porn.