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Lets see some DS pics

Well I reckon we ought to start this thing off with something that everyone can appreciate-

Post up pics of your Dual Sport bike- action shots- amazing views... lets see em'

I'll start us off:

heres a recent Midlands tag at Muddy Ford Rd.

These are some pics from a day trip a couple months ago up at Lake Wateree


A pic from the tag game at ADVrider.com
this is the Florence side access to the Pee Dee river on 301.
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hey yellow, do you still do any riding? thinking about doing any riding?? haha

Edit: I just realized- thats a KLR250 isn't it?

yea, and Jal, are there any trails over there at that access- that place looks beautiful
As soon as my gets a job, i ll start looking for an either a drz 400 or a xr400 or klx300 and convert it to dp. do you know how hard it is to do here in SC? i know in Atlanta its really hard unless you know someone. or get someone that doesnt know anything about it at the dmv office.

ADVrider.com (if you like dual sports or cross country cruises or you want to see some awesome scenery.. go there!) .. i used to hang out there all the time.. Tag game was cool. i wish i had a bike when that all started.
haha- yeah I'm a member- the tag game is still a-goin'

we have an SC game, a lowcountry, midlands, and an upstate tag games---

I would post up on adv myself to ask about your question (because I don't know for sure), but it seems you might as well do it haha
yeah its a klr 250... i really like the klx250s .. my wife said she liked the xt250 when we went to the Cycle convention in Atlanta back in 08.
We sat on a bunch of bikes.. the WR250 street legal one, was cool but not made for real dp'ing.
I ll do some research to see about that legal mumbojumbo stuff on conversions.