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Kids say....


Since several of the regulars here have young kids (parrots) I figured I'd start this thread to share some of the funny things kids say and do.

I'll start with the back story. My daughter (just turned 2) likes to assign a Mommy and Daddy to pretty much any toys that she had pairs of. For example, her bath toy fish are 'Mommy Fish' and 'Daddy Fish'. I think this is an effect of the show Peppa Pig (I hate that show...)

She has two Fisher Price Little People toy sets. One is a ferris wheel with 4 people on it. She picked up the African American male figure and said 'Oh, Dada'. My Mom laughed and quietly said 'Chocolate Daddy' to my wife. The parrot (who has really good ears apparently) repeated 'Chocolate Daddy.' The other little people set is a doll house with red headed Mommy, Daddy, and Baby. My cousin referred to this Daddy as 'Gingie Daddy' one time, and apparently the parrot overheard.

These figures will forever be known as 'Chocolate Daddy' and 'Gingie Daddy'.
Haha, that's awesome.

Some of our friends have a kid that's 2-1/2 approx. He has said multiple times "I like boobs and tractors". It's good stuff.

Mac isn't talking a ton yet, but if his mouth is as active as he is Jay is in trouble.
Grandma got my 3 year old nephew an rc jeep that looks like mine, which he calls "Jimmy Jeep". The other day it crapped out needing batteries. As I was replacing them he goes "it broke, fix it jimmy it broke, it bullshit"


From my wife's perspective, luckily I was at work.

So, this morning has gotten off to in interesting start…
The kids were playing in the living room and I was in the kitchen.
Bennett: Mommy, I got peanut butter on my hands.
My immediate thought was we haven’t had peanut butter today, I wonder how old it is and where he found it.
Me: Where did you get it buddy?
Bennett: My diaper…
It’s been awhile since I have moved that fast. We washed/sanitized his hands and while I’m changing his diaper he says, laughing, "there was peanut butter in my poop mommy.”

This guy...