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Kazuma 4 wheeler help


My brother got a huge deal on a new four wheeler a couple years ago. It has less than a mile on it. It's one of those Chinese brands. The story is that the dealership found it with a dead battery one day and someone tried to jump start it the incorrect way. Frying electronic components. They just sold it as is for next to nothing because they didn't want to deal with it. My brother got it and replaced the computer but no luck. I am bringing it back to sc to take a shot at it. Let me know if anyone here has any experience with these or any contacts that may help.

Here are a few pics. I'll post more info when I get it home.



If its the one im thinking it is then it is essentially a Yamaha grizzly 660... do some Google searches I think the parts are interchangeable

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Got some time to start work on the atv tonight. I started with a preliminary inspection of the wiring. I saw two items that caught my attention. First, the main power line from the battery to the solenoid and then to the starter appeared to have gotten really hot at one point. They were scorched and blackened but not so bad that the coating was compromised. Then the ground wire that runs from the battery to the engine block had a really bad connection at the battery. I pulled that terminal off and redid it correctly and even soldered it. Then I tried to charge the battery and start it. It would crank a bit and then stop like it was too weak. I charged it some more and got the same result. I tried another battery that I know is good and got the same result. I am suspecting that the starter may have gotten fried in some way. Is there a good way to check this?


OK, I finally got some time to take a closer look at the Kazuma. What happens is that when you try to start it, it wants to crank and then it seems like it just doesn't have the strength to crank over. You can even put it in gear and push it past that spot and get it to crank every once in a while. But once turned off, it won't start again. Same situation. I figured it was one of two things.

1. The starter was not getting enough juice.
2. The starter is damaged and is not providing enough torque.

So to test #1, I parked the jeep next to it. Turned the jeep off, unhooked the battery on the ATV, and ran jumpers directly to the starter on the ATV from the jeep battery. Same result. Wanted to crank but seemed to get hung. So at this point I assumed it was #2. So instead of doing the internet dance to find the part number for the starter, I figured I would go ahead and pull it so I would have it in hand if needed. Maybe get lucky and there be a part number on it. So I pulled the three little bolts holding it on and pulled it off. This is when it got interesting. Once I pulled it, I found metal shavings on the starter gear. That got my attention. So I figured I would dig deeper. I pulled the cover off the side. Before I did, I got ready for a shower of gear oil or something because the cover has a fill hole at the top (or maybe an inspection hole, the jury is still out). But nothing came out. I pulled the cover to find no oil. I don't know if there is supposed to be, but I find it kind of strange. The only sign of any lubrication was a ring of grease that was slung off the gear and was stuck to the inside of the cover (filled with little metal shavings). I assume this is assembly lube of some sort.

Here are a couple pics of what I found.

This is the fill hole (or inspection port) at the top of the case cover.

These two pics show the ring of grease that was slung to the inside of the cover.


Here you can see a pile of greasy metal shavings/metal dust on the inside next to where the starter enters the case.


This is that pile on my finger.


I stopped at this point. Because I don't know what this is really supposed to look like. But my suspicion at the moment is that the metal shavings in the starter gears was binding the starter. If I would just do a thorough cleaning of all these gears and lube them properly, I think the problem would go away. But the question is, what is "lubed properly" mean in this situation? Is there supposed to be gear oil in this case? If so, what kind? The manual doesn't say anything about it. At this point my thought is that someone took delivery of this unit and for shipping purposes didn't have any of the gear oil in it. Then someone didn't follow the instructions and add it before starting it. (don't really know, just a theory) Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


It has no problem running. If you can get it running. It just won't crank. I'm sure it is because of the shavings in the gears. I know if I clean the mess out, it will crank and run. I just don't want to do that if there is some sort of lubrication missing.
It has no problem running. If you can get it running. It just won't crank. I'm sure it is because of the shavings in the gears. I know if I clean the mess out, it will crank and run. I just don't want to do that if there is some sort of lubrication missing.
I would assume, (No experience working on ATVS) the gear on the "Flywheel and the starter should mesh relative precisely. If your concerned about the lubrication, i don't see where a little wheel bearing or some other type of Gear Grease would hurt. Especially in a ATV, water prone environment.
Im almost positive that port probably has something to do with timing inspection since that is technically the flywheel of the ATV. That is where it will have the timing marks to use a light on to check to make sure its set correctly . At least that is where the marks are on my Honda and it has a similar plug..
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