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Kayak & Canoe Anglers

So I figured we may as well have a thread for those of us that paddle, where we can show off our catch, our boats, ramps & landings, and fishing stories. (lies) [emoji16]
I have a rather extensive list of ramps, landings, throw ins for Lake Murray, the Saluda, and Congaree Rivers. So if anyone is looking to launch or pull out from a certain area, just ask.

So I'll start off with my floaters.....
1950s Grumman 15ft Aluminum Canoe
Nucanoe Classic 12ft Canoe Kayak Hybrid
Pelican Catch 100
Feel Free Lure 10
371b92560624c0cda7fbbd6b68f661e6.jpg e95f10a1994f34dc1853eb16245d3753.jpg 742be537f40a741636a06967801475de.jpg
Today's adventure consisted of finishing up converting my utility trailer into a peddle boat\kayak trailer.
Not I can get the wife's powered peddle boat to the lake along with the kayaks. f91f1ff3864198c28fdb2f1d5e780594.jpg 396c639061ca013578d61a27206337e4.jpg
Millennium seat, and locking swivel installed. Trolling motor quick connect plugs installed, and battery box wired.
I just need to get on the water so I can find the best position for my seat & battery box. 137c5c4ebdf0c0bbee828407e49e6120.jpg 17f9bda7de7aed9b4244b1e4b69e833c.jpg f749778c95439db044101d565c04d992.jpg
Got the fleet out today for family lake day!
First time out on the new Voodoo. It's awesome, and well worth the money. Super stable, easy to stand & cast, tons of room for stuff! 8a61027514f62485145cefecf160d9e3.jpg
Getting my gear sorted out for the Voodoo.
2 Scotty pole holders, Scotty anchor lift, new crate, LED nav lights, 8ah battery, Garmin GPS fish finder on Scotty transducer mount, KDO manual anchor pole.
Ordered a new 1080 camera & mounts today.
Almost ready! 9ae415a638a9a8776aff907246060acc.jpg