JK needed for a quick product picture

GR8TOPS is need of a JK for a couple of product pictures and a few
minutes for us to install a product on it. Specifically this is for
some greaseable, heavy duty replacement tailgate hinges. They are
black powdercoat so for the best picture, I would really like to have
a contrasting light color of white,red,yellow, or something other than
black or dark blue.

Process will consist of unbolting your old hinges and plastic covers
and bolting these on. Should only take around 30-45 minutes. If
person is interesting in buying a set, you would get discounted price
on them and installed for free, (and your jeep would be famous!)

drop me an email at gr8tops AT gmail or call us at shop 8034436288


done.. thanks everyone for offering. And thanks braxton for coming by this morning..

How about it folks.. think these look a little better than that plastic cover? And a little beefier..?????