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Jimbo92's First Build Continued

Where did Jimbo92 come from? Why my 1992 explorer I had in high school of course. She was a 2 door 5 speed 2 wheel dig that was actually lowered when I got it. Baja Blue in color and ready to party. Dude must have done a ton of drugs in it because I got pulled out of class every time the drug dogs came.

This truck has major history. I learned more on it than any other vehicle. I met my fiancé giving her a ride in it 16 years ago, we dated in it, we worked on it, we converted it to 4 wheel drive, it even ended up featured in her yearbook even though we went to different high schools. Fast forward to 13 years after I sold it sitting at a bar in folly drinking and laughing about how funny it would be to find it and have it at our wedding....so I got to searching. Ended up still being around behind a guys place next town over. He works with Jeffs parents (Blazer guy) and thats how I tracked him down. A little worse for wear but a crazy little time capsule. Even has some of my stickers still on it from high school.

Original plan was to clean it up, spray some paint on it and play a wedding prank with it. The project has sort of uhhh...escalated.

I've got a built 9" and 44 in the garage from an early bronco.

9": Currie hi9, 488s, arb, 35 spline chromos, truss, and discs

44: 4:88s, arb, reid racing knuckles, crane diff cover, high steer, chromos, ctm joints, and a truss.

These are getting mounted via a james duff long travel SAS setup with 5.5" deaver coils and spring over in the rear.

Have McNeil racing 4" flared glass fenders on the way, corbeau Baja rs seats, 35 bfg ko2s, and method wheels as well.

First step is to replace the clutch that is shredded and hanging out of the bell housing and get it drive-able and go from there.

Should be a neat little trip down memory lane and I've finally found a project I won't be able to sell! I'm building the truck I used to draw in class.

Throw back pics


Arriving at my house
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Made an order to Barnes yesterday. Tie rod, drag link, and track bar are all going to be 1 1/2" 1/4 wall dom with their 7/8" heims at all ends. Using their axle bracket kit for the rear 9" as well. (Shock tabs, spring perches, u bolts, and plates) I also ordered their offset axle side adjustable track bar bracket that should make it pretty easy to line everything up with the high steer.
Also have done a little work on the axles with the cut off wheel and flapper disc..definitely going to make a trip out to Shorty's and finish them up with the plasma.

Mmmm hi9
Didn't feel like getting covered in grease tonight so tackled some wiring and got my platinum agm battery set up. The battery terminals were your standard tighten and smush variety so I got some marine ones with the post and soldered copper loops onto everything.
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And before anyone says anything yes that is the last owners homebrew cold air intake using two..yes two mass air flow sensors to attempt to convert to the cone filter instead of the air box...


Speaking of wingnuts, how much gap do you have between the battery terminals and the hood? And do you have a good battery hold down?


Should have a good amount (same setup as the other explorer) and using the factory hold down
Ok, just asking because long ago I was jumping my 91off the terraces in one of our fields, the battery smacked the underside of the hood, shorted all electronics. Then it started raining and all the windows were down and couldn't roll them back up. Had to call Burgundy to come pick me up.

Worked on my crap box some tonight. Have the rear axle almost totally cleaned up so I can start mocking it under. Basically procrastinating my clutch job I don't feel like doing...

35 spline 9" shafts are beef

Also scored a running driving parts car with pretty much every part I need to finish out. All the body parts I need and a good grey interior. Lucked out and corbeau hadn't built my seats yet so Joe was able to get them switched to grey. Goodbye terrible blue interior I always hated. Couple pieces need some touching up but overall very good for a 27 year old interior.

Well my seats, tires, wheels, and arb stuff is in at clemson 4 wheel. My fenders are on their way to Anderson and I'll pick everything up together once they come in. Found some funny throw back pics the other day including a pic of the cake my mom made to make fun of me rolling it to "miss a deer" I was doing doughnuts and lied... The method wheels and bfgs are a great modern version of what was on it. Also managed to get my garage straightened up so I can be productive. Got my radius arms mounted to the axle after I have finally gotten my housings cleaned up. Todd is getting my rear ring and pinion sorted out and then I'll be ready to mock up the rear.
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Finally sitting on all my big stuff but my fenders. Of course I had to snatch a seat out of the box and sit on it in the garage. It seems super comfortable. Also looks like it's going to match the interior pretty well.

Does that hand pump on the seats hook to your "manhood" for the scary obstacles? Just squeeze on it a couple times to get your courage up and let them BFGs eat!!??
Yeah picked up a set for my buddies Tacoma while I was there. I think the plan is right now dad is going to paint it. Definitely going factory color.