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Jeep Wrangler JKU 4 Door Soft Top and Hardware

This factory soft top was included with the purchase of the Jeep, but never installed. The top color is Khaki as it was intended for a red colored Sahara edition and the windows are tinted as shown in the pictures. Everything is still in it's original packaging and has been stored indoors. Complete with all mounting hardware and boot to pack it in that was bought from the Jeep dealership. No aftermarket parts here, this is the top of the line soft top made by Mopar.

Located in Camden, SC

Retail pricing on this is $1,500

I'm asking $1,200

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I dont have any sort of soft top currently, so I am not exaclty sure what is in all of those pictures. Does this include the door surrounds that I can use on a 2010? Windshield channel? Mine came with hardtop only and I do not know everything I will need,
This should be everything needed. It does have the door surrounds...that's what's in pics 7 thru 14. I would imagine the windshield channel is wrapped up in the soft top itself since that's where the rear window channel is. I'd prefer not to open it up...proof it's new. If you're interested come take a look and we could open it up then.

All of this cam with my dad's Jeep when purchased new. He hasn't ever ran anything but the hard top so he decided to sell this.


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