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Jeep JK wheels on a KJ

So I needed new tires on the liberty and found a good deal on a set of Hankook Dynapro ATM in landrum. They were advertised as 16" tires and wheels, but I was in a rush and had my daughter when I went and picked them up and they were actually 17" wheels. The size was correct for the KJ other than the wheel size. So rather than resell them I decided to try out something I had been always wanting to do. I always wanted to run TJ rubi wheels on it, but had never found a good deal. Well I needed 17" wheels now so I decided to run JK take off wheels with adapters. I searched all over the interwebs and couldnt find any reference if anyone ever doing it. Found a set of 5 take off wheels for $100 and bought a set of adapters. So for less than new tires, I got tires and wheels with less than 1000 miles.

I totally changed the look of the old grocery getter to me.

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Nice. I still want a CRD liberty, and the more of a soccer mom I become, I wouldn’t feel bad driving one.

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come to find out these little ATs are a bit larger than stock, they rub ever so slightly on some of the inner fender in the front when its compressed and turning. But not enough to worry about.

The more I see it, the more I like these wheels though.