iPhone app?

ON tapatalk the labels for picture upload to the forum are backwards. The one that says full small size is labeled with the higher KB size. at least on my phone it is. I just choose the higher KB value and it puts up the larger picture.
I'm trying to figure out how to post a pic so that it shows up bigger on the desktop screens. I go to advanced options and choose "Photo Album", then i select which picture, then the only selections I can choose it "maximum kb size" or "cancel". So I select the maximum size, but there is no "minimum" size??? Then under "Manage attachments" I can choose to insert it "inline" or "remove" it.

What am I missing?


Ok, I don't know what has changed but I was just typing up a set of instructions for everyone so we could all know how to post pics to posts easily and the options have changed. Now the only option when adding a picture to a post via tapatalk is "this forum". "tapatalk hosted" is greyed out. And when you choose "this forum" it resizes the picture to a really small size.

That is the only option either way you go. If you choose photo album or Camera.

Any ideas?


I think what is happening is this app is behaving differently on different phones. So, here is what it now does on an iPhone 4.

  1. Click on "Open Advanced Options".
  2. Click on "Camera" to take a pic now or click "Photo Album" to choose an existing photo. I have done both and get the same results so in this case I will go through "Photo Album".
  3. Select your Camera Roll.
  4. Choose the picture you want to add to the post.
  5. Now, the only options on the image preview screen are: "Camera Roll" which is the back button if you picked the wrong picture, "This Forum" and a greyed out "Tapatalk Hosted" which can't be clicked. So I click on "This Forum".
  6. A few seconds later the preview closes and it goes back to the Advanced Options screen, then a menu opens from the bottom that says "The original image size is 5655.2 KB." and two buttons "Maximum 6.7 KB" and "Cancel".
  7. If I choose "Cancel" obviously it goes back to Advanced Options and you start over. If you choose the "Maximum" button, it goes ahead and posts the image but it's small.

That's it. Not other options. I used to have the Tapatalk Hosted option and I would get good results with that, but I was unconfortable having my image hosted there because I like to keep track of all my images in one location. I have begun using a separate app to solve my issue but may not be the best for all.
On a DroidX i first click on the last post and choose "REPLY"
Click "MORE"
Choose your picture
It then gives the option of "upload to" with 3 choices.
Tapatalk Hosted, This Forum, or Cancel
Choose the larger KB size picture, which for me is on the botom labeled "small size"
Click "SUBMIT"

thats how it works on my phone at least.
Default Upload / Attachment image sizes ???!???!
For some reason, the recent update to Tapatalk has (I think) messed with the sizes of the post attachments.

It used to give the options of different sizes for uploads, but now all I am getting is "Maximum (12.5kb) and "Cancel" - the size is always in the 12-13KB range, no matter what.

The resultant uploaded images/attachments are useless, pretty much.

I am trying to upload regular iPhone 4 screen captures.

I am running on vB 4.1.5pl1, and the latest Tapatalk plugin and iPhone app. I have checked the Message Attachment configuration in vB options, and there is nothing to restrict sizes (in fact, I had changed nothing on the forum size when this change happened - the only change was updating the Tapatalk iPhone app).

Any help, here, please? This is seriously impeding the functionality of my forum.
there is evidentally a problem with the last update, seems thats where this problem comes from. Tapatalk is working on a solution.
THE FIRST EVER THING THAT A DROID DOES BETTER..........I'll stick with my Iphone if small picture uploads are all I have to deal with.

I refuse to argue software (droid vs iphone) but man the droids can't hang with the "touch" ability of the ipone. I've been down that road before.