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Innovative Balancing - Dyna Beads


I decided to try Dyna Beads dynamic balancers from Innovative Balancing in my new 31x10.50x15 MTR's on the Cherokee. With the price of balancing now, the Dyna Beads are not much more money and should be zero maintenance.

I ordered 4 6oz. packs, 4 filtered valve cores, and 1 applicator. The total was $76.66 to my door and arrived in 4 days.

I didn't think about taking pictures for a review until after I started, but here's what was included:

Instructions for the pour in valve stem method:

I got a kick out of this warning after hearing Brooks talk about getting shot with beads when airing down:


Normal valve core on left, filtered core on right:


If I use them again, which I probably will, I will have them put in before the tires are mounted. The through the valve stem method takes forever and is a pain. You just have to take it slow.

My initial impression is good. I had a slight shake the first time I got up to speed around 45, but I didn't feel it again. I'll try to remember to post back after a couple weeks to let you all know how its working.



My Samurai tires have a different type of dynamic balancing beads in them. These are small ceramic beads. The ones in the Samurai are larger glass beads. They were installed by the original owner of the wheels and tires, so I don't know if they are the 'Off Road' beads from Innovative Balancing or not.

Hunter, if you know, please respond.


I have Dyna Beads in my KM2's. They are great. I ordered the Offroad version which are bigger beads so they don't blow out through the valve stems. I put in 8oz in each tire. I have no complaints. The jeep is great on the road even after a year of beating on the tires.
Why not just use air soft bb's instead? There lots cheaper, and you can just find out how much to use based on dynabeads chart.
i'm not sure what the difference is, but I have tried air soft in 3 different sets of tires and they all didnt work as well as my dynabeads.


Air soft ammunition is made of plastic. Dyna beads are made of ceramic. They hold up to the abuse (friction and such) and don't clump because the surface stays smooth.