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Hound Dog 4x4

Anyone familiar with these guys? Their shop is right by my work and I drive by occasionally. I've been to their site but haven't stopped in yet. It's very new by the pictures. www.hounddog4x4.com
They came out to the Spring Offroad Festival last year and gave a yeti cooler for the raffle. The guy seemed nice. They arent one for computers from what I can tell. Its more of a bolt on tool box place than a fab shop.
yeah theyre cj won best of show or something like that but the guy didnt know what transmission or axles were in his jeep, from that and the website i get the feelin its more of a 6in fabtech for your 1500 and some chrome bolt-ons kinda place than it is a hardcore fab shop.
The guys their are real nice, dont get me wrong. However when I called to get a price on gearing. They were going to charge me just to go drop it off at a friends shop to have it done.
Anyone ever delt with these guys? We got a pretty good laugh at the Sportsman's Classic a few weeks ago. They did have alot of Yeti Coolers though...