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Hook or Thimble?


I got a pretty good price in an auction for a new 7/16" winch rope. When I pull the winch to fix the brake, I'll change ropes. I'm going to keep the rope I have for future trailer use, so I need a new hook, or should i go with a thimble? Suggestions that won't brake the bank?

I'm thinking thimble because it will be able to tuck up into the ARB bumper instead of having the hook isolator like I have now.
Thimble. Easy to add a hook on later if you wish or have Steve do it. Also if you can throw down the cash, Factor 55 stuff is super nice...just expensive AF.


I know about factor 55, and it's nice stuff, but is there anything else reputable that doesn't cost $100+? Also, the rope will come with the standard metal thimble thingy so I'm looking for ones that are pinned on like a hook, not spliced in.
The new flat splicer has me all giggly. If I put a winch on the LR3, its getting this. I'll just eat ramen for a month.


I've always run a thimble. As for hook, like dis?


or dat?


The first one is fresh. However the second one, for a fiver....and looks like it installs in about .005 seconds. Hard to beat. Also, Amazon...