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Harlan Ky "Hunt Club" style Jeep property


I can't access the link. By "access to the property" do you mean staying at the house or is there land/trails around it? How big is the house?

The problem I see with this idea is there's usually a large group of us there at the same time. If you're talking about staying at the house, I doubt there's room for everybody, so how do you prioritize?

If there's land or trails around to be developed: If I'm traveling all the way to Harlan, I'm going to spend my time at Black Mountain Park.

Also, a lot of us only go 1 or 2 times a year, and again we're all there at the same time.
property is 4 bedroom, I was thinking of putting in bunks, this house is beside the Evarts trail head. My thought was that it would be a place we have available, no need to try to find a place but something that if a few of us want to take a week at anytime it's available. No more members than can comfortably fit, first person through the door picks his bunk. Annual membership to Black Mtn isn't a lot more than a couple days pass and I think some of us would like to go several times a year - especially if you can already have a place waiting.
that is a great idea, I'm going to ride up and check it out next week, I like the idea of having 10 or so like minded wheelers hanging out and swapping war stories though.