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H4 headlight

I put h4 housings with upgraded harnesses In our XJ about a year and a half ago and man what a difference it makes compared to stock. Was running the silverstars previously but noticed yesterday the passenger low beam is out.

Anyone have any recommendations on a nice bright bulb? Anyone tried the LED bulbs?

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Nobody drives at night?

Going to check Amazon tonight and either go with an LED bulb or a higher watt halogen bulb.

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I have the silver star ultras in the lj and have no complaints.
That's what I had in there that the low beam burned out on. Bought July 2014 Amazon said. Ended up replacing them with the same thing.

I plan to start driving it after the first of the year full time as the tacos moving on and mamas getting a new ride and may look into some LED housings. I feel like you can't see **** out of that thing. Needs bigger tires on it first for me to be able to drive it.

I thought about doing HID's but didn't know how they'd fair in the autopal housings I got for it. Always heard if you didn't have projectors that an HID bulb throws such a scattered light, although I know so many ppl still run them.

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We keep units from Lifetime LED on the shelf here at the shop. They work great in the Hella H4 conversion housings, ran them on my old XJ for along time. I am currently running a set of High Outputs in my jeep now and they are seriously bright!

I run the hella LHD ECE glass lenses in my tj. Plugs fit the light bulbs as they should. Incredible improvement over stock. Pics if the pattern: imgur.com/a/p1PII
I've got HIDs and I like the way they perform. Must admit, to me, 5000K are the most suitable. I love that blueish light, but to me it is not that bright. And eyes get tired soon with 10.000K I previously had.