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Gulches Veterans Day 11/9


Anyone going? I'm still on the fence. I'm at the point with the swap mechanically that I could wheel it a little, but i dont have any skids done yet. It depends on if i can get anything done during the week.
Andy in the red LS swapped YJ. It was packed. I got up there about 10:30 and there was no where to park. Even his over low lot was full.
It was fun. The entrance to shipwreck was washed out. Skip said he stopped back filling it because small rigs would go down and then be stuck. Most everything seems much more eat up than I remember. There was a group of buggies 43's and 44's letting them rip. I'm guessing with the flats closed you might see more NC guys coming down to Gulches. I'm likely going to meet some NC guys in the next couple weeks.