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Gulches Krawlapalooza Charity Event Sept 19-20 2014

This is our 9th Charity event. this year again we are raising money to support the Fallen Hero's Fund. As with the past events our sponsors have committed to this event thousands of dollars worth of raffle prizes. New this year is the Scavenger Hunt with a Twist. Participants will search for seven things throughout easy and intermediate trails. First through third to find all seven locations will win valuable prizes. So get there early on Saturday. It is ten dollars per rig to play and as with the raffle 100% of the proceeds from these two events will be donated to the fund. The park is also going to donate a portion of the gate. Campsites are limited so call early.
Krawlapalooza is just a couple weeks away. We are adding more sponsors as we get closer. Newest is J&K Metal Art Design and they are donating metal art for the raffle and two beadlock wheels. This should be Gulches Biggest Charity event in nine years. See our details under events in our header.