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Gregs XR10


My new toy. I just found out it may be overnighted to me tomorrow. So there is a chance that I can make it this Thursday for it's first run (in my hands anyway).



Here is what I know. Y'all know I'm a noob at RC Crawling. I'm not new to RC, just crawling. So I wanted to get something that I could play with and compete if I wanted to. I'm sure this list will get updated once I have it in my hands.

  • The motors are Team Brood 35 turn (not sure which line)
  • BDW Motor Guards
  • Vanquish Front Link Mount
  • Vanquish Rear Link Mount
  • Vanquish Front and Rear Tranny Cases
  • Rear Motor Plate (don't know if this is a repeated entry or something different)
  • .6 CAL SSS Slug Weights
  • RC4WD Hardened Tranny Gears
  • Servo - Hobbico CS170 Ultra TQ
  • Servo Arm Robotronics Red
  • Tires - Hot Bodies Rovers White Dot Siped
  • Wheels XR10 Front Narrowed
  • Foam Double Duce
  • Axial C Hub and Rear Lockout Kit
  • Chaotic Crawlers Special Bodyless Chassis
  • Chaotic Crawlers TI Link set hi clearance REVO rod ends 4mm
  • Chaotic Crawlers body panels
  • Chaotic Crawlers tie rod
  • Dual Tekin FXR-Pro ESC
  • Robison Pinion Gears
  • Axial Carbon Fiber Kit

Also came with
  • Venom Pro Charger and Balancer
  • 3 - Max Amps 1300MAH Batteries 11.1V True 100C
  • Futaba 4PL Remote



I have beat on this beauty for a year or so and I'm just a little tired of it sitting around. She needs a little attention but is in good running order. You can't build this rig for under $2000 with the parts it has on it. Selling for $850. I'm in Greenville, SC. The radio alone is over $400. Complete setup with 3 batteries, controller and charger. The same setup as when I bought it so for details see above. I will post up in the for sale section in the next couple days and then will post on the R/C forum. So get it while you can. It's worth double this in parts alone. Piece it apart and upgrade your scaler.