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Good fairlead?

I made the mistake of purchasing a fairlead off of ebay when I set up my winch years ago. I didn't know it at the time of purchase that the bushings for the rollers were plastic. During a pull last year a lot of pressure was put on one of the rollers and it ended up destroying the plastic bushings. I was wondering if anyone knew if using plastic bushings is standard practice on roller fairleads. Who makes a good roller fairlead without plastic internals?
I remember seeing a roller replacement set for syn. rope. It was plastic rollers with steel shanks. Other than that I have never seen a light duty winch fairlead with anything other than plastic. HD commercial grade rollers have oil impregnated bronze bushings, but they are huge by comparison.
I was able to find an HD roller fairlead with bronze bushings and spring loaded rollers to keep the line from unraveling when you take tension off the line. Found it on ebay. Its a beast and will bolt up to the standard 10 inch hole spacing. Its here:Link
I bought one and it arrived today!!