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GenRight's at Rock Junction!

This is one of Tony's favorite events of the year. The Grand Mesa Jeep Club put's it on.

The cool thing is people congregate in Grand Junction, CO but they get together in groups and go out wheeling a variety of different spots nearby. Some even head over to Moab!!

Each evening they all get together at a different club member's house for an outdoor dinner! That's so cool!

Saturday is the vendor show, obstacle course, etc.

The first day Tony took the race car out on the trail. He said it's not the best trail rig. It's loud and doesn't like to go slow!!


THis is our friend Gary Shaffer. He leads the life. He and his wife are retired and they travel around the west, wheeling as much as they can. I think he said they spent less than 30 days at home last year!!


Corey taking in the scenery:



Next, GenRight will be heading to the Big Bear Forest fest, then to Kentucky for the Unlimited Off Road Expo and the following week, Tony will be racing the #4485 at the Ultra4 race in Indiana. Busy, busy!