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Finally bit the bullet and purchased a MTN Bike

So, as many of you know I have been talking about wanting one for a year or longer now. Finally found what I was looking for in my price range.

First thing is before I do anything more than ride around the house it will need new tires and a new seat.

I am going to start getting in good enough shape to actually go ride now....haha. Fat boy office problems.
Curltail is a lot of fun and close enough to your hizzy. I always parked at the church and would ride down the gravel rd to the start of the bike trail and do a mix of the bike and atv trails. I had about a 12-15mile loop I'd ride regularly.
The guys at work say there's like 30 miles of bike trails up there.
I rode 37 miles Tuesday. But that's 2 loops plus an out and back. The total mileage depending on how you do it is 27.4. I have some good 26er tires you can have. I just picked up a 29er single speed so I don't meed them any more. They are tubeless ready tires. Tubes are around 8oz a peice so losing a pound on anything rolling is good plus lets you run lower pressures. If you park at the church and go to cedar springs on gravel and back that's 20 miles. Let me know if you go to the trails and I can point you in the funnest direction.
If I can ever get time to ride some so you don't wear my *** out I am definitely down. This damn time change has really screwed me up. I do work half days on Friday though, but holy crap am i out of shape.
Single track at night with lights would be killer.

Deano you ever ride Paris mountain?

Btw the cruiser looks good, that was me waving at you other day in the madres commander.