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February 1 - MCJ Club Work Day

We are planning to hold a Club work/project day. Originally it was set to be at Larry's house, but it seems there aren't too many projects on the list. I am currently in the middle of a jeep project that I can't transport, so it was brought up that we could do the work day at my house in Chapin.

The work day will be held at my house in Chapin, SC near Chapin Elementary School. We will email my address to club members, if there are others interested pm me and I can send you my address.

Please post up if you had a project that you wanted to work on, so that we can determine where to hold the work day.
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I can make the trip if that’s alright. I have an exhaust to put on if that is a type of project that would fit in the schedule. If not, I could just come to help.
I have my work cut out for me. Got loads of good stuff for the work day :grinpimp::weld::mech:

Paint rear axle
Prime and weld on Frame Side Rear Link Brackets
Install rear axle
Measure and order new rear Driveshaft
Make new Transmission Crossmember
Install new Transmission shifter parts and Front bearing retainer
Install new Clutch and Flywheel
Install new brakelines on rear axle
Extend Brake Lines
Refill rear axle with gear oil
install gas tank
extend exhaust 15"
extend fuel lines
remove Front Cage from TJ
Remove interior from TJ
Cut hole in firewall for Heater motor in LJ tub
Install Interior and seats in LJ
Install Cage in LJ
Paint Rocker Guards for LJ
Dry Fit Rockers and Corners on LJ
Weld on Moved Body Mounts
Remove Tub for the last time
Paint frame
Replace Tub onto Stretched Frame
Reconnect Engine stuff
Install Fenders, hood, grill
Paint Jeep.