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Factory/Junkyard Lockers

Hey everybody, it's me again, I had a thought.
As ive been looking around online for cheap/Junkyard parts to build with ive found a complete lack of any kinda parts list for lockers.
So I was thinking if everybody could compile their knowledge of what cars came with factory "traction devices" and what axles their cross compatible with (if that's possible), that would help allot of first time/budget builders.
Thanks in advance for your input and knowledge


Obviously Wrangler Rubicons.

2003-2006 Dana 44 front and rear, 4.10 gears, air locker (also need the harness and pumps which are mounted on the skid plate)

2007-current dana 44 front and rear, depending on year/options could be 4.10 or 3.73, electric lockers

Many GM trucks and SUVs over the years have come with the gov-lock (gov-bomb) automatic lockers. The 10 bolts in most of them aren't really sought after for swaps, but 14 bolts also had the option.