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Estwing Camp Axe Review

I've been wanted a decent axe/hatchet for a few years now. I've been around a few camps that someone was using these Estwing axes and was impressed by the abuse they can take. They make great hammers so you know I know this thing has to be tough. I looked at the high end custom blah blah like the Grans but I just couldn't justify double the cost. Yeah it's not hand forged by a monk living in the trenches of Gotham City with his initials in it but I'm impressed. Good balance, very sharp right out the box and it should be around as long as any of it high end counter parts. I had it on belt yesterday hiking the Mtn bike trails doing some winter maintainence and it was that bad on the hike hanging from my belt threaded thru the shealth.
Always heard good things about estwing. I follow someone on Instagram that works there and you gotta appreciate American made.

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