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East Coast Gear Supply (ECGS)

I recently made the trip up to ECGS in Raleigh, NC to get my JKU rubi regeared with 5.38s and also have 10 factory chromo shafts shafts installed along with front and rear tatton driveshafts that I recently ordered from RiverCityOffroad.

I called up Chase (the owner of ECGS) and worked out a deal for the above parts and work that made the 200+ mile trip well worth it. We worked the details of the trip and decided for me to trailer the jk up one morning/afternoon so they could start the work, stay overnight in raleigh, and then have the work finished up the next day so I could head back to SC. Chase also agreed to make me a hotel reservation and pay for room while the jk was in his shop. Needless to say this kind of made the pot even sweeter.

I left Columbia a little before noon on 9 June and arrived at the shop around 1500ish. When I showed up they already had the shafts and other goods ready for installation. I downloaded the jeep and it was on the left within 15 minutes of my arrival in Raleigh. Lee started tearing the jk down as I talked to Chase and Ryan (the business manager) about a few things, got the nickel tour of the shop, picked up my hotel reservation and directions, and got a briefing of the local area and what all there was to do. So after an hour or so i dropped my trailer in their lot and headed to the hotel, which was only about 4 miles from the shop.

The next morning I received a call around 1000 from Lee (the guy working on my jk) asking if i wanted to add a few other things before he put the front end back together, which I told him sure. I checked out of the hotel around noon and then headed back over to the shop. When I arrived I went out in the bay to see what was going on with the jeep. Lee had the front end complete and was starting to install the new ring gear on the rear locker. I ended up hang in around watching Lee set up the rear axle and also watching Andy (former owner of Carolina Rockshop and mad fabricator) work on a tj. Lee was nice enough to explain a few things during the set up that had given me a little trouble when I was setting up my hp60 and Andy also let me bug him about a few suspension related questions. By about 1500 or so on the 10th the jk was done and we took it for a test drive. Needless to say there was absolutely no noise out of the diffs and the jeep was actually pleasant to drive again. We got back and Lee went through the entire undercarriage again looking for leaks, cleaning, and even going as far as touching up some spots with paint. I settled up with Ryan and Chase and then headed back to SC.

In summary, I was completely pleased with my dealings with ECGS and was overly impressed with their attention to detail and extremely friendly service. I have ordered a few things over the year from ECGS to include 60 and 14 bolt parts, shafts, and even stick of DOM. The best part of ordering from them is the shipping charge is small and you have your parts the next day. I would highly recommend ECGS to anyone for you drivetrain needs or even custom work at the shop. Chase stands behind their work and gives you a warranty to prove it. If anyone has any specific questions please do not hesitate to ask.
I did talk to Chase about bringing just axles up to him and he said he would set them up for less than if the axle were in a vehicle. So if there were some folks that wanted to get axles done they could be consolidated and taken up on a trailer or back of a truck and get them hooked up.

Yeah customer service and attitude really make a difference with me, thus why these folks get my business.
It took me 4 years living in chapel hill before I learned that those guys were 20 mins down the road from me. In the last 3 months I was there they welded on my jeep twice. Once was an emergency repair at 7pm on a Friday and only charged me $40 even though the guy had to stay late. Awesome guys up yhere