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Dusted off the ol GT

Well after looking at it propped up in various places of the various places I've lived I finally decided to show the ol bike some love. I think I have my derailers adjusted correctly, everything is greased, brakes adjusted and working properly, new to it front forks, and new inner tubes and she is ready to ride. Also mounted an air pump and picked up a new dome protector. I can't believe this bike is 16 years old! I'm old! Luckily it was a nice one in its day so it should get me by enough to find out if I'm going to get back into it. I'm definitely going to look like the poor kid at Paris mountain. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1394725233.998742.jpg
You been on swamp rabbit any? Paris mtn is fun. I rode it a good bit when I lived there till I broke the fork on my bike.

If you need any parts check out lucky bike. Guy that owns it is cool.
I ran a GT aggressor 2.0 for the longest time. Now I've got the orange bike. In April I'm going to start riding it a lot more as there are a few decent trails on the way home from work.

Very excited the weather is warming up again.
Come on up Brooks. We will have the trails fast in the next month. The forest service also prescribe burned a lot of the trails so the woods will be really open for awhile.

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