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Doe Mountain Mt. city, Tn May allow Jeeps

Can we get a little help from our friends to make this happen!


Due in part to NC4x4 member response to the surveymonkey survey, Ben Farmer, a planning Consultant from Nashville who has been hired to develop a management plan for this area, will recommend that the Doe Mountain Recreation Authority allow "full size" OHV vehicles such as Toyota trucks on the Doe Mountain OHV trails. This is a positive development but not a done deal.


Go here: http://www.doemountain.org/contact-us/

Enter your information. In the "Comment" box say that you are a Jeep or Toyota truck (whatever) driver and that you encourage them to open access for "full size" OHV vehicles. Tell them how often you plan to go, how much money you plan to spend (gas, food, motel, fees, parts, camping supplies, etc), how many people you will bring. Basically show them the economic impact of allowing full size OHV use. Mention that it has been estimated that the town of Murphy, NC experienced a $4 million dollar loss in economic impact as a result of the Upper Tellico OHV area closure!
Done thanks for the notification.

"I drive a jeep and am a member of a club in South Carolina. We routinely travel out of state to parks like yours and spend thousands of dollars on fuel, food, lodging and other travel related costs. We would love to see his area open to jeep sized 4x4s for responsible recreation offroad."
done !!!!! 3 hours from simpsinville

Doe Mountain is a multi-use family-oriented outdoor recreation area in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Tennessee. Doe Mountain is a range that runs approximately eight miles between the town of Mountain City, Tennessee and the headwaters of Watagua Lake, the highest lake in the TVA system. The recreation area contains approximately 8,600 acres of mostly forested land criss-crossed by miles of roads and trails built for the mining and logging activities that once took place on the mountain. These historical roads and trails are forming the backbone of the multi-use trail system that will be the centerpiece of Doe Mountain recreation. The State of Tennessee purchased Doe Mountain in May 2012 and established the Doe Mountain Recreation Authority (DMRA) to manage Doe Mountain. The DMRA is charged with preparing a master plan for Doe Mountain; conserving the land, waters, and wildlife of Doe Mountain; and fostering economic development through recreational opportunities on the mountain.

With the initial opening of Doe Mountain on November 9, 2013, we will have approximately 25-30 miles of trails open for OHV use. We are working to add equestrian and mountain biking in the Spring, at which time the majority of the trails are will be multi-use, meaning all users will be using common trails. The DMRA is hoping to expand the trail options and to develop some specific use trails over the next year.

We also hope to offer other recreational opportunities after input from the master planning process. The master planning process is currently underway and persons wishing information on the process or wishing to participate may do so through DoeMountainDestination on Facebook.

Doe Mountain will complement other local destinations, including the Virginia Creeper Trail, the Appalachian Trail, the ski and golfing resorts of Western North Carolina, and Watagua Lake. We hope to appeal to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, from beginners to the experienced. Long term success, however, will depend on funding, volunteers, and visitors who enjoy what Doe Mountain and upper East Tennessee have to offer. Please come, explore, and have a good time!
Done. I had to summarized what I'd written since only 500 characters. :(

I've also shared this link over to a couple other local Offroad forums.

Thanks for the heads up!