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Devis Backbone Scale Challenge February 22nd

What - Devils Backbone Scale Challenge

When - Sunday February 22nd, 2015

Where - Leesville, SC 29070 33.936324, -81.530383

Driver Checkin will be at 9am with a drivers meeting following

There will be a $5 entry fee per driver to cover Lunch. Bring your own drinks.

The event will be a Recon style event with 100 gates that will be traversed by 4 person teams. We encourage you so sign up as a group of 2 and you will be paired with another group of 2.

The course will consist of Technical Rock Crawling, wooded area, mud, and some water. Waterproofing is not mandatory but highly recommended.

We will be running Class 2 and Class 3 teams separately. Scores will be individual based on Gates.

SORRCA scale points will be in effect. We will be using scale points with a maximum of 60.

Basic restrictions:
No modifications between rounds, only repairs.
No motor limit.
No transmission limit.
No rear steer.
No dig.
Must be shaft driven.
Must look like a truck or other realistic vehicle. No XR-10 shells.
Must have a rail chassis similar to SCX-10. No twin-plate crawlers. Tubers such as the Wraith are allowed.
Winches recommended.
You'll also need tow ropes of some sort.

Tire Ban List:
Losi Claws (all sizes, and types)
Hot Bodies Rovers (all sizes)
Hot Bodies Sedonas
HPI Rock Grabbers
Panther Cougars
Panther Leopards
Pro-Line Chisels (all sizes)
RC4WD Rocklin
RC4WD X-Locks (all sizes)
RC4WD Crazy Crawlers
Imex Skulls and Bones
Losi Bashers

Special Thanks to KRAWL OFF-ROAD for Sponsoring this event!


You can Sign up in this thread or on RCC. If you group yourselves into 2 man teams before hand it will make it much easier the day of the comp.

Class 2:

Brandon & Kim
Terry & Robert
Brooks & Coleman
Jimmy & Joe

Class 3:

TStephens & Jody
Sid & Jeremy
Marcus & Josh
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I want to thank everyone that came out to the Devil’s Backbone Scale Challenge Yesterday. I think we had a great turnout even if the weather wasn’t in full cooperation. The trails were very challenging and I wanted to make sure we all got plenty of drive time.
I want to thank Bill, who came out with me Saturday to stack rocks and clear trails to make this event possible, I couldn’t have done it without him!
I also want to throw a HUGE thank you to Larry and his family who let us use their property for the event. Without them, the event literally could not have happened.
Big Shout-out and Thanks to Jason @ Krawl Off-Road RC for sponsoring the event, and sending a Team driver down here to run with us.
I want to apologize to a few of the new guys, as this was a grueling course, but I will also add, that the hard courses will make you a better driver in the long run! I know I had my fair share of help from my teammates and I did my best to help them along the way also. Thanks again for coming out and I hope everyone had a great time! Looking forward to the next one!