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Daily Driver car ideas


Currently I own a Jeep, Yukon XL, and Duramax, none of which are cheap to drive. I commute 70 miles a day, and have been driving my grandma's old park avenue. I've been resisting the urge to buy something else, but I think it's time.

Ideally, I want something 4 door, rear drive, manual that is at least a little fun to drive and still gets decent gas mileage. All I can really think of that fits that criteria is a BMW 3 series. Surely I'm forgetting others?

I'm also considering something in the 'hot hatch' category. Focus, Mazda 3, what else?

I could do $5k cash, and might go up to around $10k for something I really liked.

Start throwing out ideas because I feel like there are cars I'm not thinking of.
Wrx's do not get good mileage. And a tdi Jetta will NOT get 55mpg. It's a commuter car, Phuck having something expensive. Get a saturn or something ghey. Save more money for wheeling. I scooped a 400 dollar saturn. Gets 30+ mpgs driving like an ******* 110+miles a day. Has cold air, does stunts, and makes me look like a homeless person / hipster. Nothing rwd gets good enough mileage, and spending 10 grand to save money on gas is like sticking you head up your butt to escape the smell of a fart. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1403139658.029549.jpg
Anythig over a g or 2, throw money saving out the window and just admit you want a fun car purely for the purpose of it being fun.


I'm not just looking for economy or money savings. I want something fun to drive, but not something that gets 15 mpg... I've had an 02 Civic EX 5 speed that I liked, got 40 mpg, and was fun. Drove it until I traded for the '07 Si, which I really enjoyed, but had too much $ into it.
I was thinking about starting this same type thread earlier. I need to get rid of my truck and buy something more economical and nicer for driving daily and long trips.

Max had an sti, he can tell you a lot about them. My buddy Tatom had one and it he seemed to have a lot of problems from it. If I was to buy a subaru I'd get a forester. They sit up more then a car and have useable room.

What about a crd liberty? They can get 25+ mpg and with the trans problem fixed will pull a decent amount.

I'd love an ls400 or ls430 for a daily on rims and air. A friend of mine had an early 90s ls400 and it was probably the nicest riding/driving car I've ever ridden it. Floated down the road.
An ls makes a cadilac ride like a cj5. Tatum had problems because that pos was zip tied together an came from a salvage auction. I like a turbo forester or a Saab 92x


I'll definitely keep my eyes open to drive one. Automatics any good or hunt for a manual? I'd rather have manual but from a quick search seems most were autos.
Tatum had problems because that pos was zip tied together an came from a salvage auction.
??? not a salvage title. I dont know what was zip tied together but he didnt abuse it, hell he barely drove it. Was crappy gas mileage too.

is300 is same motor as a NA supra and a lexus sc300 2jz
Clean title but it came from a salvage auction. It had the **** wrecked out of it. Had a shitty aftermarket headlight zip tied in. If he didn't abuse it somebody before him did. That car did time at carlots all up and down the east coast. Wasn't a true gold wheel car either. I sold it when it was at Ballentine. Googled the vin # and it had been at lots in pa, sc, nc, and a salvage auction wrecked. When it was in pa it had silver wheels. Somebody painted them gold and passed it off as a gold package car.