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Club organization

i'd like to see a little more organization as a club. As far as structure among members and vehicle requirements and maybe some other areas.
I think this would make it easier to plan events and the things that go along with them (food, stickers, shirts, travel methods, etc) This would eliminate the one guy that always gets a little upset because they feel they took on more or less than another person.

Also i think some vehicle requirements would save some headache on the trail. I know im bad about not having things i should and it causing problems from time to time.
It would be nice to ensure that there are first aid kits, spare tires, fluids, fire extinguishers, and anything else people feel important. I know on previous trips there has had to be trips made to camp for oil, silly bolts, and other misc items and this could eliminate that and allow for a smoother trail run.

maybe even a dues system (nothing crazy high) that could go towards a trail preservation group and trips and cookouts and things of that nature. I think we've got a great group of people and a great group of rigs and i think we can make it even better. We could talk to other established clubs and see how they work out a dues system and get some ideas.

If anybody has any ideas or suggestions post em up.
Also i think it would be cool to have a big get together sometime soon with eveyone from lakelands, PK, and the abbeville folks maybe a cookout and bonfire or something to that nature and pick everyones brains as to a good way to have a more organized club and maybe combine everyone together under a main name with different subnames or just a main name or stay seperate. Marcus brought up how mid carolina had the black sheep clan as a sub-group on usjeeps back in the day.

I think we can take something good and make it something really good and a new forum is a good time to start.
I like this idea a lot. Me and bigun have talked of this for the past year or so but figured nobody would be willing... I'd like to talk with Brooks and get some ideas. Seems like he has his **** togather especially when he was doing the Clemson stuff.