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CJ-7 project, drivable but needs finishing.

So I have been gearing up to build another crawler. I think I have determined that it would make the most sense for me to start fresh (again) as what I would like now differs greatly from what I have been working on over the past few years.

So its a CJ7, titled as an 82 model. Frame was in fine shape, most has some rust in the usual places. Dash has been cut into a few times by PO. Has nice seats. Most of the electrical is INOP. The headlights and tail lights, brake lights work but thats about it. You know the drill for these. No top.

The engine is a 304 has a Holley intake and carb. It seems to run well but does smoke at idle. I think it needs valve seals. It has side pipes.

The 727 I don't know much about, It seems to be fine but the pan leaks pretty bad at the moment. It has a Lokar shifter and kick down cable. I haven't used it for anything but moving the jeep around the yard.

Dana 300 t-case, twin sticks installed, no problems.

Axles are FJ-80, open diffs. 4.10 gears. Disks in the front and drums in the back. I installed longer studs in them.

Front suspension is basically FJ-80 take out, coils springs (do not recall application) radius arms. It has an FJ-80 box in the front, plumbed. It allowed the front to be pushed forward enough for 90* approach on 35" tires. That is with an 8274 in the front. It needs a front shaft still installed, straight forward 2 piece design required.

Rear suspension is SUA, Rancho 4044 (I think) springs with one leaf removed to soften them up. It does have leaf spring sliders (not shackles) in the rear. Does get some axle wrap, needs that addressed.

Brakes, corvette MC, stainless lines. Brakes need some tinkering, they are weak still.

Wheels are Hummer H3 16", centers bored for the FJ hubs

Tires are 285 rollers.

To get it drivable around the yard, it needs transmission pan hammered smooth and gasket replaced. After that it would require some brake work and a general going over to street it. Needs a front shaft fabricated and axle wrap bar installed before it sees a trail.

I am not really too sure on an asking price. I am open to offers. I am also open to some trades/partial trades.

What I am still looking for
14-18" travel air shocks or coil-overs x4
hydro steering parts x2
7/8" up heims
4l60e D300 adapter
Suspension seats
8x170 bead locks and/or 17" rim 39" tires