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Cheap offroad only tires 35" mud kings

I am splitting these tires off my wheels in prep for new BFG muds. These tires have good tread and hold air, but they are dry rotted and out of round. They're no good on the road, but they'd be great for an offroad beater or mock up tires.

35x12.50x15 and there's 5 of them

$50 or a jug of Larceny Bourbon. Speak now or forever hold your peace - I plan to have them split by the end of the week and if no one wants them I'll let the tire dealer keep them. I'm fine to hold on to them for a couple weeks if someone definitely wants them.
Does anyone need these for anything? I need to get them out of the driveway. Free... just let me know soon before I get rid of them.