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Carrie Jo

The frame is welded up. It was square within 1/16 prior to welding but the frame rails beyond the rear crossmember pulled in almost 1/2”. Most of that is on the driver’s side. Looks like I’ll Have to clamp one side really well and use the high lift jack to open it back up. Everything else is still parallel.

I don’t have a good picture of the finished product but here it is part way through. The crossmember behind the front bumper was there to hold the rails apart but wasn’t welded in. I expect it will get one there at some point but I want to wait until the steering and axle are in to see what I can fit.

Using the high lift I was able to get most of the deflection out. 64E815D4-F9E2-4254-9798-D98ED9D49DDB.jpeg

Then I put a temporary crossmember in to hold it open until I can set the body on and place the back bumper.


Next to place the leaf spring mounts!
My daughter is 6 months old and finally sleeping well enough that I’ve been able to get back out in the garage. On the way home from the hospital when she was born we passed a YJ with a family cage. It had two car seats with the children’s heads sticking out behind the cage. I pointed it out to my wife and at that point my build changed from a CJ-5 to a CJ-6. Between Christmas and the new year I cut the frame. BABB5715-242F-4C92-8EE9-F76C51CB642F.jpeg
Last night I finished welding in the fish plates.
Hopefully this time I can actually get the spring hangers on without cutting into the frame again or waiting another 6 months.
The spring mounts are in place and the body is resting on the frame. 937D0C50-906C-4380-8EAC-09F336AFE3F0.jpeg

The floor boards were completely rotten.

The body was not in great shape when I bought it. The last year and a half sitting outside has not helped. Now that I have it back in the garage and have spent some time looking at it I considering having it media blasted before I get into stretching it and building new floors. I haven’t had any luck finding anyone local that will do it. Everyone that shows on google has either stopped or gone out of business. Do you guys know anyone local? Is it worth the money?
With everyone on lockdown I’ve given up on getting the tub blasted for now.

In hindsight I probably should have braced the front section some. Oh well, nothing was straight before I cut it so bracing may not have been much help anyway.