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Canyon Coolers

I had been wanting to get my dad a HD cooler for the past few years but finding one in our price range for a christmas gift was impossible. Recently Canyon coolers redesigned their Outfitter Line of coolers to include integrated recessed cam latches similar to the Engel and a few other high end cooler brands. They also had the 22quart model on sale for $120 with free shipping through the fall. I went ahead and picked one up for my dad and asked my wife to get me one for my birthday if they looked good at christmas. We actually got a Blemish model for my dad for $99 that hardly had a scratch on top of it, and my wife got me a gray one.

After owning an Engel and seeing many Yeti coolers I will say the Construction is on par, while its lacking a bit in the fit and finishing, it makes up in price. The Canyon cooler Outfitter22 that I recieved felt very nice to the touch, but it had a few flashing marks from the mold still. The only cheaper aspect I can see from the features of the cooler is the Canyon cooler comes with what looks like automotive weatherstripping to seal the lid, (it does a great job by the way) vs the Rubber Freezer seal found on the Engel model.

All in all I I would say the Canyon Coolers Outfitter 22 makes a great travel cooler for smaller loads, and I would feel confident buying their larger models if I was in need.

I hope to get some more pictures of it in the daylight soon. This was one I took right after I opened it Thursday Night.

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