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Camping with young children


Who's done it and do you have any tips?

I'm trying to find ideas for a safe way for Nora to sleep either on the floor or single bed of my Neon. Some kind of cosleeper?
Both of my kids were about 2 when we took them camping. We waited until they could walk to make it a bit easier in the field. We tented with them and also had a camper at least for Danny. No real tips. In a tent we had them next to us. When in the camper He slept on the lower level so he didnt fall.
I didn't like the leash pre-children. It will get to a point where your child can walk and will refuse to be held because they want the independence of walking. That's when you do the leash, it gives them "freedom" without fighting them when they want to be put down and walk on their own. It's probably a 6-9 month period and as hard as it is to believe it's not the same as walking a dog. You also don't do it 100% of the time either.

I was a "no-leash" person earlier in life.

Pickup truck bed does well too.