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Camping @ Oconee Point for Clemson Poker Run 2020

May 15-17, 2020

As discussed at the MCJ Club meeting last night, a few of us are looking to camp for the poker run again this year.


Here is the reservation list so far. I'll update as it changes

2- Wayne D
4- David P
5- Brooks B
6- Larry B
7- Jody W
8- Tripp W
9- Scott P
15- Mike and Julie
18- Tommy H
20- Jimbo and Dale
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Looking for advice from people who are more familiar with state park camping...

My site says 20' max. How strict are they on that? Last year there was a C class coach in it. Are they going to break out the tape measure when I come in and turn me away if I show up with something in the 24' range?