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Camping @ Oconee Point for Clemson Poker Run 2019

May 17-19, 2019

As discussed at the MCJ Club meeting last night, a few of us are looking to camp for the poker run again this year. The entire point near site 5 is still open. I went ahead and booked site 5.


Looks like the whole Campground is full now. Here are the sites I know are booked with us. Anyone we know in sites 2, 4, 9?

1- Tripp
5- Brooks
6- Jimbo
7- Scott P
8- Larry B
10- Richard
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Plans could change, but I grabbed site 8. Its a 40ft so should be able to get the trailer in there if I dont trust the jeep yet.


anybody got a 40 foot site they will swap for a 35er? Worried about dads camper fitting
Most likely we will just be driving the jeep and towing the camper, so I shouldn't need 40ft. Nora is going to be bunking with Ava in Brooks' camper, who's in site 5. Do you want to switcheroo and I'll take 6, then you and your dad can have 8 and 9?