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Bump bending

Calling on RClippa, i remember way back when you had the orange buggy your front fenders were rolled. Did you use a tube roller or did you bump bend them? Im looking for the technique on bump bending. There is a formula to figure out the length and angle of arc then figure how many bends over a given length of tube you need to make to achieve your rolled bend with a regular bender. Im looking to make more bend at lesser space to get the look i want. Also not trying to waste a bunch of material.
IIRC he used a harbor freight job. I may be wrong though...I know Mike used a harbor freight roll bender on his recent buggy
I have used a HF pipe bender for the orange one. Now I have access to a roller. The roller is way easier.

I marked every inch on the tube. Then started just adding 3-5 pumps on a test piece until I got the right count for the radius I wanted. It sucked. I think it was worth it, but I wouldn't do it again. Trying to keep the radius and maintain a constant plane was tough.