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Brown Dog Offroad


I purchased new motor mounts through this company recently because my stock ones were shot all to h**l. I ordered the "Super Kit" which I've read good things about over the internet but didn't know of anyone who has them.

The cost was around $300 shipped to my door and arrived in about 3 days in a Priority mail large flat rate box. At first glance at the quality craftsmanship and beefiness I was glad I opted to go with the super kit.
The kit came with all grade 8 hardware with all rubber bushings installed ready to bolt up. The instruction booklet was very detailed and easy to follow with picture references throughout. Installation itself was a breeze except for a few required steps for the passenger side block bracket witch involved unbolting the alternator. Every bolt was the perfect size and length and lined up perfectly. The only critisizm I have would be the color (yellow) :roll: The whole install took maybe about 4 hours by myself. I took it for a test drive after completion and was absolutely amazed at how much better the Jeep handles. 0 driveline vibration what so ever even with an out of balance rear driveshaft and square tires. :la: I've yet to take these out on the trail but I have total confidence that they will hold up to way more than I'd ever put them through. I recommend these brackets to anyone with a 4.0 with stock motor mounts.