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Best way to dismount beadlocks...

So im getting new tires next week.. I have to dismount the ones i have. They are on 32 bolt beadlocks. What method do y'all use to dismount that seems to work the best?
I just use an air wrench, and then take them to the tire shop down the road to get them off. Then I re mount them and tighten till they don't leak. I always use new bolts when remount mine.
I agree with what Brooks and Marcus said, but I usually dismount my own tires using soapy water, 2 tire spoons, and a high lift jack to break the beads. Doesn't take much time at all to break the bead and get the rim out.

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I have never been able to pull that off but no one showed me if I was using the spoons corrrectly which Im sure I wasnt. I almost completely inverted a krawler with a strap and my 250 once tryiing to pull it off.
I dismounted mine by laying the tires in the sun for a few hours with the beadlock facing down , then removed the valve cores , then slip a section of hose over the valve stem , connect the other end of the hose to a vacuum port on the intake manifold (brake booster ) . then crank up the engine and use a heavy hammer and a tire spoon , working my way around the bead until the vacuum pulls the bead off . then flip the tire/wheel over and lay it on an upside down five gallon bucket and take the bolts out in 2-3 stages using a criss cross method
Hi-Lift to the bead will get it off. Or run it over if the wheels aren't nice and it should pop it off. As far as getting over the other bead, if its a DIY it can be a pain but can be done. If it's a manufactured wheel it will be really easy to get off.