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Battery Manufactures

Whats everyone buying these days... My F150 has been starting alot slower lately, and damn near left me on the side of the this morning (electronics like electricity!)

Duralast Platinum (or AutoCraft Platinum AGM, appears to be the same battery)
I bought that same battery and only got about 4 years of service from it. Bought a cheaper one this time and it's bad now, plan to have it swapped out this weekend actually. They just don't make shit like they used to.

However, the Optima in the CJ was still fresh after not having been touched, cranked, charged in over a year....
Well that fixed my problem... Crazy the factory batter just died over like 3 days... Got slightly harder and harder to start (with a gear reduction starter) until today when i pulled out my parents driveway and put it in gear and between the first and second shift it fell on its face and the running boards popped out...
I have the Autozone AGM battery in both my tj and my pickup. I have been very pleased with both. Optima has dropped in quality so much that I don't plan to ever use them again.