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Aug 22-24 Park Conditions

Aug. 22-24 Park conditions. Friday and Sunday look wonderful. Saturday there is a chance of rain around 4pm. They have been predicting that for every day this week and the park has not gotten rain at all. Also if it rains it has been very late in the day. So yes we will be open at normal hours. There is supposed to be a group coming in from Wilmington and Myrtle Beach for the weekend. We welcome them to our park several I am told are first timers to the park. All 4x4's should do well. As always for more info call 864 449 5698
Aug 23 -24 Park conditions Today Saturday looks great. Park is in very good condition. Very dry. Sunday may be another situation. A cool front is expected and may bring rain Sunday. Unless it is pouring Sunday morning we will open. as always call for more info 864 449 5698