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ATV areas to ride

I've got some friends that want to ride their atv's somewhere.
Do you guys know of places near Oconee County or north GA that they can ride? We thought about Beasely Knob and Gulches.
I think I have ridden everything with in 400 miles of columbia and there is not much localy. Carolina adventure world in Winnsboro is a great day trip,alot of mud and technical stuff. Durham town plantation is about an hour outside of Augusta Ga and is great set up with cabins ,rentals but its a go fast place and dirt bikes run the roost there but the trails are very well maintained. enoree trails are a fun day trip at clinton/Whitmire but absolutly no mud,if thats what your looking for. There are several others in Ga,seminole,Broad river but have a ton of mud if thats what your into but Im not.
In the long run I find it a little more costly but some great trails in Tenn and Ky are only 4 hrs away from the upstate and the trails and terrain are endless.
Atv planet has some good links to east coast parks
there is also parsons mt. and midway in abbeville/greenwood. Those are pretty good trails and only 5 bucks to ride both. You can actually ride those and the enoree trails all for 5 bucks if you feel like driving around.
Went to ride enoree this weekend but was closed due to rain. but supposedly it has some fast flowy stuff. Ended up at CAW and had a blast! Deffiently not for the clean of heart though. We tried to avoid the mud be that was an epic fail. 2 hours of pressure washing later and the 400 finally got clean. But if your looking for a good weekend place, CAW has some awesome facilities.