April 28-30 - O.S.C.A.R. XI


Its January and time to start prepping for a fun time in Harlan, KY for OSCAR XI. The Cabin reservations were lost for much of the group this year, so we may be a bit more spread out but we will be up there in KY. There are still plenty of camping spots at putney, and perhaps one or two cabins. This is not how we had planned for it to happen, but we will make it work. I hope you guys can join us in KY for the 11th Offroad SC Annual Ride (OSCAR) at Black Mountain OHV Park.


Tentative Schedule:

Friday April 28 - Leatherwood ORV Park

Saturday April 29 - Black Mountain ORV Park - Dinner at Saturday night.
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Spencer and I have stayed at Quality Inn for four or five Oscars and it’s been fine. Typical budget hotel and is clean in our opinion. Bear in mind that we also lived in dorms/apartments while at Clemson!