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Anything to see at Uwharrie?

I've been going to Uwharrie for years. I ride all the trails and have a fine time. No it's not very challenging but it's close enough for me and my son to go ride some trails, we don't have much to choose from in Florence.

We are headed up there to camp this weekend and I was wonder what else their might be to see. Do any of you have any tips on things to see up there that wouldn't usually be seen from the trail? Maybe something only accessible by foot? I think I read about a scenic lookout that you can hike to from one of the OHV trails? Or maybe an out of the way waterfall? Anything?

Arm is still kinda broke so kayaking, conoeing, shooting are out.
Hang Glider Rock is the overlook I was thinking of. Maybe ill check that out. And maybe I'll walk to Kodak Rock, I haven't seen it since it closed.
I've got a good list together of what to see other than the typical OHV trails.

Hang Glider Rock - hike
Nifty Rocks - hike
Kodak Rock - hike ☹
Big rock cross on Dicky Bell?
ALCOA Power Plant Dam
Falls Reservoir Dam
Boat ramp at Deep Water Trail Camp

Not sure yet where we will camp, i have some favorite spots. I'm more excited about this trip to Uwharrie than I have been in a long time.