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Anyone know a good place to order Fox Shock Parts?

I had been dealing with PolyPerformance in the past and its been ok. But I'm looking to order new crossover rings for my shocks, and Poly sells a new version. I want to get the old version, Kartek lists the old part number so I can go through them.

I'm looking to get the Crossover Rings and Rebuild kit for 2 shocks.

So far I have looked at PolyPerformance and Kartek, Any other ones I should check?
Called Essentially Offroad, The rebuild kits from them are $14.75, where as from Poly and Kartek they are $9. They dont have the crossover rings in stock and cant get the old style.

I did call Poly and they have some of the old style in stock, So i'm going to check tonight to make sure I have 7/8" shaft and probably order some from them tomorrow unless yall got any other places I should check?