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Anybody know?

Why the special service swampers 34x9.50x15 are out of production for 6 months?????

Or any place that might have a set stored back somewhere?
Not sure? Everywhere I look says the 34x9.5x15 , and a few more 34x9 tires are out of production for 6 months. They are listed as ss ( special service ) swampers
I will call those guys tomorrow but unless they already have them ( which I doubt they do like most other internet businesses ) then they will tell me the same thing as everyone else ( sorry but those are not in production for 6 months. They just can't tell me why or exactly when they will start producing them again.

INTERCO list them as TSL / NARROW S.S.
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Interco has transferred production around between a few plants in the past year, they have been backordered on many tire sizes and are ramping up production in phases. The larger tires were first and many are still an issue, looks like the smaller sizes are getting hit now.

mark, the tires your talking about are the Q78s they are like a 36x10.5
I called Interco today, 97tj is correct. They closed the denman plant and it will be a few more weeks before production starts back.

Thanks guys